A Parents Guide to Riding Lessons

A Parents Guide to Riding Lessons

Every parent hopes to experience the thrill of seeing a child discover an activity she loves, and then watching as that interest unfolds into a lifelong passion. But when a child adores horses above all, these joys are often dampened by anxiety, especially when the parent knows little about riding. The questions can be overwhelming How does one begin to find a qualified riding instructor Just how expensive is this hobby And most important will my child be safeParents searching for answers will find relief in A Parents Guide to Riding Lessons, by Elise Gaston Chand. A former horse crazy child born to horse clueless parents, Chand is today both an accomplished horsewoman and the mother of a horse crazy daughter. Her vantage point allows her to get to the heart of parents concerns, then offer the information, instruction, and peace of mind that they desperately need.With its engaging been there voice, A Parents Guide to Riding Lessons combines the instant appeal of an impulse purchase with the practicality and depth of content of a thorough guide. Parents will snap up the book for its clear, reassuring voice, then refer back to it often for its quality answers and information.A Parents Guide to Riding Lessons gives busy parents an overview of horseback riding and lesson progression. It translates the strange language of horse enthusiasts, explains horse show etiquette, and addresses specific ways that parents can help children stay safe in and out of the barn. Along the way it offers practical advice, tips, and step by step guidance through an array of challenges that parents can expect to face.

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