All Natural Wunder Hoof

All Natural Wunder Hoof

All Natural Wunder Hoof is unlike any other hoofcare product on the market. Contains 100% all natural ingredients, and is absorbed quickly and easily into the skin. Naturally stimulating hoof growth and improving the overall condition of the hoof. Wunder Hoof promotes healing and improves soundness to the hooves, and is free from irritating ingredients and will not cause blistering. All Natural Wunder Hoof is a quick, easy and affordable way to prevent hoof problems by building thicker walls and maintaining Healthy Hooves. Wunder Hoof is a vasodilator, increasing blood flow to the hoof without blistering this action increases growth rate and improves condition of the hoof. Accelerated growth is necessary when treating problems such as hoof resection due to White Line Disease or Laminitis. Also treats injuries or hooves affected by quarter cracks, dry cracked hooves, contracted heels and scratches. If applied once daily, it will grow new hooves in 120 days!FeaturesSpeeds Recovery Following Hoof Resection Due To White Line Disease Or LaminitisBuilds Thicker Walls Stops Flaking Of Coronary BandSpeeds Healing Of Quarter Cracks With Farrier AssistanceTreats Contracted Heels, Dry Cracked Hooves ScratchesAll Natural Solution Of Essential Oils Including Kokum Butter, Camphor EucalyptusDoes Not Contain Irritating Ingredients Such As, Turpentine, Iodine, Pine Tar or Petroleum

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