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Avery Outdoors KillerWeed Boat Blind Kit Willow Cypress

Avery Outdoors KillerWeed Boat Blind Kit Willow Cypress

Rot resistant natural palm fibers are used to create strands of weed. Adding these strands to your blind adds depth and realism. Try a half hitch when attaching the strands to the net. Fold 20 25 strands in half forming a loop on one end and a loose tail on the other. Slip the loop end under a strand of netting and pull the tail end back through. This will attach the weed solidly so that it cannot blow away when traveling. Features Natural palm fiber construction Willow Cypress is perfect for timber and river bottoms All Terrain Camo blends with any fall or winter environment 5lbs per kit, use two kits for heavy coverage Can be dyed or spray painted to match changing conditions Rot resistant

Price:  $54.98 from  Field Supply

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